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Our Story...

Chef Sally and her husband Martin have always had a passion for the restaurant business, having both worked various jobs in the industry. In 2000 Sally took her passion to another level by enrolling in culinary school at College of the Desert. After just one class, it was clear, her calling was in the kitchen. She had at long last found what she was born to do. Upon completion of her culinary degree, and hungry for experience, she traveled to Jackson Hole Wyoming and took a job as a prep cook at Spring Creek Ranch, a 5-star resort. It wasn’t long before she was promoted to banquet chef, and then on to sous chef. It was there that she gained the courage and confidence to fulfill her and Martin’s longtime dream of opening their own restaurant. In 2007, that dream became a reality.

chef sally posing for a photo
woman walking through a green house

They, along with their family, opened Sweet Basil Bistro in Big Bear Lake. They have been creating wonderful food and serving happy patrons ever since. After 13 years of too cold winters, they decided to make a change and come back to the desert. In spite of a lengthy search for the perfect location, they found the ideal little spot on El Paseo, and began the task of securing the venue. In March, ready to begin the renovation, the world was turned upside down by Covid, and the challenge of opening a new restaurant became even more difficult. It has been a strenuous journey, with many obstacles they never foresaw, but they are at last ready to share their magic with you at Sweet Basil California Eatery!